Who Rules Court Rules? YOU Rule Court Rules!

November 6, 2019

Who Rules Court Rules? YOU Rule Court Rules!

Kevin PrayBy Kevin Pray, Sr. Director of Product Management

American LegalNet is excited to welcome our users into a new era of docketing flexibility, usability and service with our revolutionary new Court Rules Management Tool (CRMT)!  Now, you’ll be more capable than ever before of supporting your attorneys, and their clients, with unprecedented levels of customization. The easy-to-use CRMT will allow you to tailor the Official Rulesets you already use, adding or removing deadlines, adjusting calculations, and editing the labels on triggers, as well as creating your own custom rule sets from scratch. For example, you can reduce ambiguity for your docketing team by phrasing the deadline choices any way you’d like, eliminate deadlines your attorneys feel aren’t needed for their practice, or create additional touchpoints for high-needs clients.

The CRMT opens up new horizons for your docket department as well as your firm.  Here at ALN, our focus has always been on risk management and the CRMT allows you to leverage eDockets across additional practice areas at the firm, including transactional.  This brings your firm into even greater compliance with malpractice insurer recommendations, and will bring your clients comfort knowing that the same due diligence applied to high stakes litigation at your firm also covers the deal makers, tax attorneys, IP specialists, and others.

Most importantly, we’ve empowered you to do things your way. With gated approval processes to ensure you and your attorneys are making careful decisions, the CRMT will strengthen the teamwork and workflow between you and the policy makers in your firm. The future of docketing demands that docket departments evolve, taking on deeper risk management disciplines than ever before. The ability to become the firm’s rules engineer makes you even more indispensable and valuable to the firm.

We hope you’re excited to step into the future of docketing with us. Interested in being a Beta tester for the revolutionary new capabilities?  Reach out now to Dan Biegel, our Chief Client Experience Officer, to sign up for the Beta and help us shape the tools at your fingertips! Dan can be reached at dbiegel@alncorp.com or at 818) 817-9225 Ext. 1063.

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