Tremendous Reception for ALN’s eFiling Portal

November 20, 2019
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Tremendous Reception for ALN’s eFiling Portal

By Edward Ojeda, Director of eFiling Services

After an exciting launch of our new eFiling Portal at the National Docketing Association Conference last month, followed up by the International Practice Management Association it has been so rewarding to hear and see all the positive reactions. Our eFiling Portal which leverages the latest technologies to address the complexities, costs and risks associated with eFiling, will also dramatically reduce law firms’ eFiling rejection rates based on our integrated intuitive business alerts.  This will alert our clients of potential errors prior to submitting anything to the courts, which in turn will lower their court rejection rate. The feedback has been very positive, from “Great and exciting eFiling launch” to “When can our firm get a live demo.” 

With ALN’s eFiling Portal, law firms now have a single tool and interface for managing their eFilings in multiple jurisdictions across the U.S., streamlining the process to just a few steps, and automatically integrating calendaring and other Microsoft Outlook functions. The eFiling Portal incudes a centralized dashboard that law firms can use to monitor filing operations in real time and access data-driven insights into firmwide filing activities and trends. Our unique concierge and helpline service is also included. The initial rollout includes Los Angeles Superior Court, the largest count in the U.S. with nearly 1.6 million transactions and 5 million documents processed annually, and Orange County Superior Court in California.

With more and more courts headed toward mandatory eFiling and at least one out of every ten filings being rejected for not being in accordance with the courts requirements, ALN has used our expertise with legal technology and the intricacies of eFiling procedures to provide an innovative and comprehensive solution to this growing challenge. Our new portal addresses the confusing and constantly changing array of requirements, allowing users to file with confidence in all the courts we service. If you want to learn more please visit

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