Never Miss Another
Critical Deadline!

Docketing and Calendaring Done Right

eDockets is our flagship docketing and calendaring platform. Bring tremendous efficiency, expert risk management, and enhanced workflow processes to your firm. With eDockets’ national platform, firms no longer need multiple docketing systems. We automatically calculate critical court dates and populate your attorneys’ Outlook calendars. Centralized court data feeds from both state and federal courts, as well as PACER receipt handling, streamlines your electronic court notifications into one platform. Comprehensive and customizable auto-reporting gives you insights and firm-wide visibility.

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Integration with PACER Saves Firms $100K+ Annually

Using innovative technology, eDockets allows firms with federal practices to eliminate up to 80% of their current PACER document fees. eDockets processes all federal court eFiling notifications (CM/ECF) from PACER and automatically downloads and stores the attached documents in your firm’s document management system. Unleash tremendous savings and efficiency improvements.

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Docket Directly from Courts Docket Database for Better Efficiency and Less Manual Risk

eDockets intelligently adds docket entries and calendars court appearances from the court’s docket to ensure your firm always meets its appearance deadlines. eDockets automatically accesses court data from New York and Chicago state and federal jurisdictions.

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Expert Support, Anytime
You Need It

American LegalNet’s team of attorneys and paralegals provides responsive support and expertise in understanding docketing court rules, deadline calculation, and emerging best practices.

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Never Miss Another Critical Deadline!

This is the first and only national web and rules based docketing and calendaring solution that is integrated with official court forms. It allows law firms to work faster by automatically calendaring your deadlines using our Microsoft Exchange integration while minimizing exposure to risk of calendar related errors, significantly reducing cost.

Move Your Docketing and Calendering to the Cloud?

Moving critical applications to the cloud can make an organization more agile, free up resources, and allow your firm to focus on its core competencies.

When the time comes to leverage the cloud, American LegalNet will help you build a docketing system hosted in a secure private cloud so you can increase efficiency and take advantage of sophisticated cybersecurity protocols offered by our Cloud Security Partner.

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Fully Integrate with Our Forms Workflow Solutions

By integrating our Forms Workflow product, the nation’s largest online resource of Court and Agency forms, and using jurisdictional rules and trigger events, eDockets associates the appropriate legal forms to each docket and pushes them directly to the attorneys’ Outlook calendars.