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Your firm completes thousands of forms per year—make the process faster, easier, and more accurate.
Forms WorkFlow places the world’s largest collection of official U.S. court and agency forms at your team’s fingertips.

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Reduce the Time to Complete Forms from Hours to Minutes

Finding court and agency forms online can be a very inefficient process. Different navigation menus and inconsistent formats cause even greater challenges.

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Avoid Costly Filing Errors from Outdated Forms

Litigation practice requires strict adherence with court and agency rules. It’s imperative all facets of the filing – especially forms – are both correct and current.

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Avoid Costly Filing Errors by Automatically Updating Forms

Our proprietary Microsoft Word toolbar means any form you access through Forms WorkFlow can be easily auto-filled to insert important, but repetitive information. 

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Every State and Local Form Your Firm Will Need

Forms WorkFlow is the largest compilation of official forms in the U.S. We have general state forms, local county forms, local federal forms, secretary of state, workers comp, bankruptcy, real-estate and probate forms for every state in the Union.

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Reduce the Cost of Completing Forms by 600%

Reduce workload and save time. With instant access to the relevant forms and our AutoFill capabilities, the process of finding and filling court forms can be more efficient than ever!

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Every Federal Form Your Firm Will Need

Our federal agency forms collection is all your firm needs. We have bankruptcy, district court, SEC, Blue Sky, INS, Homeland Security, patent, NLRB, circuit court of appeals, and many other popular form sets.

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Find any form in seconds online in MS Word and PDF formats

Forms WorkFlow™ is the only single source, national repository of official court and agency forms updated in real-time and auto-fillable using Microsoft Word. Categories included State, County, Local, Federal, Secretary of State, Workers Comp, Real Estate, Probate, Federal Agencies, Bankruptcy, District, SEC, Blue Sky, INS, Homeland Security, Patent, NLRB, Circuit Courts of Appeals & many more.

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Unlock the Power of MS Word to Edit and Find Forms

Stop editing forms in tedious PDF file formats. Now, you can edit in Microsoft Word, the program your staff knows best. The Forms WorkFlow Toolbar allows for seamless workflow. Searching, downloading and completing the form can be done all in one place.