Automate & Optimize Your
Litigation Workflow

Protect Your Reputation with the
Right Technology

Automation places the right information at the right person’s fingertips without manual effort.
Free your litigation team to spend less time handling paperwork and more time building winning strategies.

Automated Docketing
and Calendaring

Reduce malpractice risk with fast, accurate, user-friendly, automated docketing and calendaring solutions. Prevent the errors that lead to 38% of costly malpractice suits.

Automated Court and
Agency Forms

Place the nation’s largest collection of US court, agency, and legal forms at your team’s fingertips. Save time, avoid mistakes and reduce manual effort.

Integrated Court
Data Feeds

Put $50-$150K back into your firm’s bottom line while placing your litigators in position to win.

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An Extension of Your Legal Support Team

No other provider matches American LegalNet’s breadth of intelligent, end-to-end services on a nationwide scale and regional basis, or provides the same caliber of support. American LegalNet’s own team of attorneys and paralegals offer responsive support and expertise in understanding docketing court rules, how dates are calculated, and how to adopt emerging best practices.

Ready to Reduce Risk?

American LegalNet allows you to streamline multiple litigation processes to reduce malpractice risk and boost firm productivity.

One cohesive system integrates docketing and calendaring, form completion and submission, and the management of court data and documents.

We ensure you never miss a deadline and your legal support team has industry best efficiency.