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Seyfarth Shaw LLP (“Seyfarth) is dedicated to core principles of value, innovation and efficiency when providing global legal services to clients. These priorities inform the firm’s technology decisions as well. Seyfarth Shaw has more than 850 attorneys in 15 offices providing a broad range of legal services in the areas of labor and employment, employee benefits, litigation, corporate and real estate.

The Goal

Implement a national docketing system to centralize docketing across all jurisdictions and eliminate risk. Preserve and consolidate all docketing data within a single software solution.

“The conversion to eDockets had to be perfect - and it was. We literally had no issues. We do a lot of implementations with a lot of vendors and it was a pleasure working with American LegalNet.”

Andy Jurczyk, CIO

The Situation

Seyfarth faced a significant challenge with its U.S. litigation docketing solution. The firm was using 3 different docketing solutions: CompuLaw, MA3000 and JuraLaw. In total, Seyfarth maintained 9 different docketing databases across the country.

“eDockets was the most sophisticated; it could pull data from courts in New York and Chicago, and also had a strong rules-based background. eDockets had all the features we were looking for and no other product could match it.”

Beth Faircloth, Director of Risk Management

The Plan

American LegalNet (ALN) developed a plan for the massive conversion project. Working in tandem with Seyfarth’s docketing and risk management staff, the ALN team would execute several separate conversions over a 9-month period.

ALN created unique scripts, exporting the docketing data from the legacy system and then mapping it to the appropriate eDockets fields. Each data set had to be cleaned, compared, and de-duplicated before it was imported into eDockets.

For each database, the ALN team did 1) an initial “trial run” conversion; 2) a clean-up conversion; 3) a near-final conversion; and 4) the final conversion. Each final conversion was done over a single weekend to ensure no interruptions.

“Transforming our docketing system to a unified national platform was a big challenge, but American LegalNet did an incredible job. We are now using our resources much more efficiently with less risk. American LegalNet is very receptive to new ideas so we are continually working with them on some future plans for docketing. Seyfarth’s conversion to eDockets was definitely a worthwhile experience. The benefits are already paying off as we support a large litigation caseload, from coast to coast.”

Beth Faircloth, Director of Risk Management.

The Result

Seyfarth Shaw LLP successfully improved calendaring accuracy and efficiency by moving to American LegalNet’s eDockets. One national litigation docketing platform replaced 3 systems and 9 docketing databases.

The end-users at Seyfarth responded favorably to eDockets. With very little guidance, lawyers and staff across the firm adapted easily to the new system as docketing dates were seamlessly added to their Outlook calendars.

Success by the Numbers

platform merge icon
9 to 1
Docketing Databases Moved to a Single National Docketing Platform
Data PACER/CMECF Automation Icon
3 to 1
Docketing Systems Consolidated to One
Professional Services Icon
Offices Unified by an Efficient National Docketing Team

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