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Federal Court

Federal Courts eFiling Receipts Can Challenge Law Firms

In many firms, attorneys access eFiling receipts and forward them to the docketing team. Often the receipts stay with attorneys—and don’t get properly docketed. Big risks and unplanned costs can be the result of this process. Auto Docket® is a centralized solution for attorneys and docketing teams. All eFiling receipts arrive at one shared repository. Docketing can be performed in seconds! Auto Docket® allows firms to eliminate up to 80% of the hard costs they incur annually in PACER download fees.

Firm Effiency

Increase Firm Efficiency

Auto Docket® pulls the documents associated with each filing during the free look. By storing these in one shared repository, Auto Docket® allows firms to significantly reduce wasted time and save on the hard costs associated with multiple downloads.

Automatically Docket from eFiling Receipts

In just a few clicks, the docketing staff can associate an electronic filing receipt with a case in the eDockets platform and calendar directly from its information. Using sophisticated character recognition capabilities, Auto Docket® automatically parses the receipt and recognizes the docket dates associated with the case. This triggers the calculation of future dates through our court rules engine.


Return Hard Costs to the Firm’s Bottom Line

While Federal Courts allow a FREE first preview of efiling documents, each subsequent view results in a fee. Many attorneys download the same multi-page document multiple times since it is not stored in any central location. Over time, a large law firm can spend hundreds of thousands per year in PACER charges—a cost of millions of dollars over a law firm’s lifetime. To solve this eDockets downloads and stores the attached documents in your firm’s document management system and pushes links to access the documents directly to your attorney’s Outlook email.

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