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June 10, 2021

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May 17, 2021

Tenth Circuit Update to E-Filing Certification Requirements

The following changes to the Tenth Circuit’s certification requirements for electronically filed documents are effective immediately.

Privacy-redaction and virus-scanning certifications no longer need to be included in electronically-filed documents. Instead, during the e-filing process, filers will be required to affirm that privacy redactions have been made and the virus scan performed.

The revised section of the e-filing event appears at the bottom of the event, as shown below. In addition, e-filers are no longer required to include a certification in briefs and appendices that the hard copies that will be submitted to the court are exact replicas of the version filed electronically. These changes are effective immediately.

Chris Wolpert
Clerk of Court
United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit
Byron White United States Courthouse
1823 Stout Street
Denver, CO 80257


Updates to Judges Individual Practices

Hon. Ona T. Wang:

Updated Civil Practices 5/13/21 Wang Individual Practices May 2021.pdf

Hon Alison J. Nathan: 

Update Criminal Practices 5/20/21 Nathan Individual Practices In Criminal Cases 5192021.pdf

Hon. Colleen McMahon

Updated Civil Practices 5/24/21 McMahon Individual Rules of Practice 5_21_2021.pdf

Hon. Philip  M. Halpern

Updated Civil Practices 5/26/21 Halpern Rules Rev 05.25.2021.pdf

Hon. Barbara Moses

Updated Civil Practices 6/1/21 Moses Revised Ind Practices 5.29.21.pdf

Hon. Louis L. Stanton

Updated Civil Practices 6/4/21 Stanton Individual Practices (2021-06-03).pdf

Hon. Laura Taylor Swain

Updated Civil Practices 6/7/21 Swain Indiv. Rules June 2021.pdf

Hon. Analisa Torres

Updated Civil Practices 6/9/21 Torres Individual Practices in Civil Cases – 6.9.2021.pdf

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