New Chief Clerk Named for NY County’s Supreme Court-Civil Term

August 13, 2019

New Chief Clerk Named for NY County’s Supreme Court-Civil Term

Denis Reo Esq. has been named Chief Clerk of State Supreme Court’s Civil Term in Manhattan, the Court’s highest-ranking non-judicial employee. Under the direction of the Court’s Administrative Judge, Hon. Deborah Kaplan, Mr. Reo will oversee operations related to case processing, budget preparation, personnel management, coordination with non-court agencies, and receipt and disbursement of fines and fees, among other duties, in New York State’s busiest Supreme Court-Civil Term. He succeeds the Court’s long-serving Chief Clerk, John F. Werner, who recently retired.

“Denis Reo is a skilled attorney and adept manager whose extensive knowledge of the law and court operations will prove invaluable in his new capacity as Chief Clerk. I am pleased that he has accepted this critical assignment and look forward to our working together to further the goals of the Chief Judge’s Excellence Initiative and better serve the civil justice needs of New York County,” said Judge Kaplan.

“Since joining the court system 15 years ago, Mr. Reo has enthusiastically pursued increasingly challenging management roles, acquiring vast knowledge of all aspects of court operations and earning the praise of colleagues and the public alike for his expertise, tireless work ethic and dedication to public service. While I will greatly miss working with him as my Chief of Staff, I congratulate Denis on his well-deserved appointment and know he will be a tremendous asset to New York County’s Supreme Court-Civil Term,” said Hon. George J. Silver, Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for the New York City Courts.

Denis Reo began his court career in 2004 as a Court Attorney in New York County Supreme Court’s Civil Term. He subsequently held this title in Civil Court in Kings County, later serving as a Senior Court Attorney in Family Court in the Bronx, then as a Principal Court Attorney and a Principal Law Clerk in New York County Supreme Court’s Civil Term. In 2017, he was named Special Assistant to Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Silver and has since been serving as Judge Silver’s Chief of Staff, providing administrative guidance and support for New York City’s trial-level courts in a broad range of areas including case processing and management, trial court operations, human resources, fiscal management and technology.

Mr. Reo is a graduate of St. John’s University of Law School.

His appointment is effective August 8, 2019.

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