Managed Services

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Managed Services for Litigation Docketing

It can be difficult and expensive for law firms to continually be hiring and training skilled docketing professionals. Why not outsource those challenges to us. Many law firms have realized that outsourcing their docketing services can reduce costs and increase efficiency, while mitigating risks.

We have highly skilled and well-trained professionals available on a contract basis, full or part time, to either help you or totally support all your docketing and calendaring needs. So, whether you continue to use your current docketing team, with supplemental support from us, or you choose to move to a fully outsourced model, ALN’s Managed Docketing Services deserves consideration.

Our highly trained and experienced professionals will manage your docket with precision, adhering to strict due dates, and upholding premier docketing standards. Our team is trained to accurately and efficiently manage your docket through well-documented, best-practice processes.

Our Docketing Managed Services provides law firms with a competitive and financial advantage by reducing capital expenditures, removing the need for constant software installs and upgrades and no more hiring, training and retaining employees or paying for sick days, vacation days. We can help with all of this for a fixed fee for better planning and budgeting and to allow you more time and resources to reinvest in your core business of practicing law.

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Why ALN’s Managed Docketing Services


Why ALN’s Managed Docketing Services