Important Rules Updates for New York

July 23, 2019

Important Rules Updates for

New York

As part of American Legal Net’s ongoing support of our clients, we want to share some important rules updates and announcements. Our Court Rules team of over a dozen licensed attorneys is constantly monitoring the rules to keep our rules calculations as current as possible. If you have any questions, comments or feedback please let us know at
USCA 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals: Amendment to Local Rule 31.2(a)(2), effective June 13, 2019, which extended the time to file reply briefs from 14 days to now 21 days from the filing of the last Appellee’s Brief.
NY Court of Appeals (Highest court in NY):
2020 Calendar of Sessions The NYS Court of Appeals released its 2020 Calendar of Sessions. The schedule set forth below includes the appeal sessions as well as the Court’s conference days, which are scheduled for June 18 and 19, and December 10 and 11. May 19 is a special election appeals session day.
USDC, SDNY: Launched Courtroom Wi-Fi Pilot Program as of 7/2/19. Two Judges have already adopted practices related to this announcement. See below for links to the court’s announcement of the pilot program, and to the individual Judges procedures regarding same.
July 8, 2019 | Judge Jesse M. Furman 
July 2, 2019 | Judge Paul E. Davison 

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