Emerging Legal Technology Award

February 5, 2020

American LegalNet eFilingPortal.com Wins Prestigious Emerging Legal Technology Award

American LegalNet (ALN), today announced that they have been named an Emerging Legal Technology Leader in a special section of the February 2020 issue of The National Law Journal. ALN received this prestigious recognition for their new eFilingPortal.com website, a nationwide eFiling solution that provides enhanced workflow with low rejection rates. The NLJ’s new Emerging Legal Technologies section highlights new legal technologies that meet the unique needs of the legal industry and legal technology companies that are changing the ways that law firms and legal departments operate.

View the American LegalNet profile in the February supplement to The National Law Journal, at https://images.law.com/media/nationallawjournal/supplements/NLJ_ELT_2020/index.html, Page 4.

“We are delighted to have been recognized for our game changing efforts at helping law firms nationwide to embrace automation that enhances their workflow and reduces their risk,” said ALN CEO Erez Bustan. “We are honored to have been recognized as an Emerging Legal Technology leader because of our new eFilingPortal.com website. This distinction means a lot to us both for the award itself but also because it recognizes the importance of our continuing expansion of our Desktop to Courthouse workflow solutions. We are on a quest to deliver the latest litigation workflow technologies for our clients, so it feels good to be recognized for our efforts by other technology leaders.”

All courts have their own detailed requirements for eFilings and if you don’t get it right, they will reject your filing. Incorrect case numbers, documents combined in a single pdf, and missing attachments are just a few of a long list of rejection factors, which can lead to blown deadlines and even legal malpractice lawsuits. With American LegalNet’s eFiling Portal you can confidently manage firm-wide eFiling risks and stop rejections before they happen with automated mistake alerts during the eFiling process. Risk Managers can also track firmwide eFiling deadlines, rejection rates, filing receipts, eFiling fees and billing, for improved overall risk management.

With ALN’s eFiling Portal, which provides unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness for eFilers, you can now have a single eFiling interface for managing eFilings in multiple jurisdictions across the U.S., streamlining the eFiling process to just a few steps, and automatically integrating calendaring and other Outlook functions. This integration can dramatically enhance workflow while reducing risks.

For more information about American LegalNet please visit www.eFilingPortal.com.

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