Do Not Sell My Information

Opt-out Right for California Consumers

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides data privacy rights for Californians, including the right for consumers to opt-out of having their personal information “sold,” as defined under the CCPA. The CCPA’s definition of “sale” is broad and includes sharing practices common among online marketplaces.

ALN does not sell your personal information for money without your consent, but we do share information for a variety of other purposes, such as to tailor your online experience. You can tell us not to use your ALN online activity to customize your online experience by opting out using the toggle below.

To Opt-Out, switch the toggle to out: Cookie settings

For more information about the personal information we collect and our sharing practices, please visit our Privacy Policy. For California consumers, please read our California specific section, which includes information about your rights and other ways to submit privacy requests.

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