Court Closures and Emergency Orders

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We understand that this is a difficult time for law firms and docketing professionals so we have asked our incredible team of licensed litigation attorneys, who are regularly monitoring the courts for news that will impact the rules to help us make sure we are providing the legal community with our best possible repository of information concerning the rapidly changing rules and orders surrounding COVID-19.

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Professor Patrick M. Connors, the Albert and Angela Farone Distinguished Professor in New York Civil Practice at Albany Law School and author of Siegel & Connors, New York Practice (6th ed. Thomson, 2018), presents a six part lecture entitled “Coronavirus and the Courts.” The presentation discusses Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders relating to the “COVID-19 Emergency Disaster,” the memoranda of the Chief Administrative Judge, and the Chief Administrative Judge’s Administrative Orders, which have had a dramatic impact on civil practice in New York State Courts.

Professor Patrick M. Connors discusses these changes through December 16, 2020 and provides insights on the interplay of these recent developments with existing caselaw and statutes.

***NEW*** Professor Connors Live – The End of the COVID-19 Toll What It Means for New York Civil Procedure – December 16, 2020 | videopdf
Professor Connors Live – Coronavirus and the New York Courts – Part V – May 13, 2020 | video | pptx
Professor Patrick M. Connors Live – Coronavirus and the Courts – Part IV – April 16, 2020 | video | pptx
Professor Patrick M. Connors Live – Coronavirus and the Courts – Part III – April 1, 2020 | video | pptx
Coronavirus and the Courts – Part II – March 25, 2020 | video
Coronavirus and the Courts – Part I – March 25, 2020 | video