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Consulting Services

With our unparalleled legal software and law firm experience we can offer your firm a very special customized consulting experience. From hiring and training your docketing staff to setting up and auditing your docketing department we offer Best Practices, Risk Management, and Risk Mitigation consultations with a goal of optimizing your departmental success.

To learn more about our consulting services please contact Joseph Scott, Chief Strategy Officer at

Evaluating, Choosing & Setting Up A Docketing Solution

Using the right docketing software is not only a best practice, it can be a competitive advantage for your law firm. So evaluating and choosing that docketing solution is the critical first step in that process. Our checklist on evaluating and choosing the right solution can walk you through the process by asking the right questions.

Our experienced docketing professionals can also help you plan and set up a Docketing Department that will meet Best Practices standards today and into the future.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation With Your Litigation Docketing Workflow

Our team of experienced professionals will review your existing workflows and help identify and correct the most common docketing errors. They will suggest best practices to correct workflow processes and eliminate the most common pitfalls, resulting in a vast improvement in the quality of the information your attorneys and paralegals rely on for calendaring deadlines.

To learn more about our consulting services please contact Joseph Scott, Chief Strategy Officer at

Cybersecurity Assessment in a Docketing Department

2020 saw cybersecurity threats for law firms increase like never before and now they tell us that the threats will become even greater because of “pandemic fatigue” as we move through 2021 and the virus is still with us. Our experts can help assess where your firm has cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the Litigation Docketing Workflow and can make recommendations on how to mitigate those risks.

Hiring, Training and Onboarding New Docketing Professionals

Management knows that it can take several months to hire and train qualified docketing personnel. And a hiring mistake could set you back several months and cost millions of dollars if that mistake in hiring results in a mistake in docketing. Why not let ALN take on those challenges and mitigate those risks.

Because of our experience we understand the factors that contribute to the difficulty in finding qualified docketing personnel. We know that docketing is a very specialized position that requires a working knowledge of the litigation process, trigger dates, calendaring due dates, and the computer skills necessary to effectively navigate and maintain an electronic docketing system. Finding the right person with that experience and skill can be extremely difficult. Finding the time to devote to hiring and training that person can be even more difficult. Since recruiting and training can be such a daunting task, let us do the leg work to find and then train and help you onboard that perfect docketing professional.