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We streamline the litigation processes for the world’s leading law firms. American LegalNet’s intelligent, end-to-end system keeps your law firm from missing critical deadlines, dramatically improves the efficiency of completing court forms, and allows you to automatically process court data and documents.


Docketing and Calendaring

Outdated processes leave firms vulnerable to devastating calendaring errors. Missed deadlines factor into 38% of malpractice suits. Avoid unnecessary risk and make your docketing and calendaring 60-80%.


PACER/CMECF Automation

Take the manual labor out of docketing and document management by automatically processing PACER ECF receipts and court data feeds from major state and federal jurisdictions.


Court and Agency Forms

Your firm completes thousands of forms per year. Make the process faster, easier, and more accurate. Place the world’s largest collection of court and agency forms at your team’s fingertips. One System. 100,000+ forms.


Court Rules

A Comprehensive set of rules-based deadlines assembled by our professional attorney staff.


Court Data Feeds

Automatically adds docket entries and calendars court appearances directly from the court’s docket to ensure your firm always meets its deadlines. 


Professional Services

We offer a wide variety of professional services to assist you with maximizing the full potential of our docket system and legal calendar, court forms and electronic forms software and services.

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Risk to Law Firms of Not Taking Action

38 %

38% of legal malpractice claims are directly attributable to the deadline, calendaring, and administrative errors

100 %

The number of legal malpractice claims filed between 2012 & 2016 worth between $1 million-$2 million increased by more than 900%


The number of legal malpractice cases worth $2 million or more jumped 400% between 2012 & 2016

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