A Game Changing Integrated
Cloud and Mobile Litigation Platform For Docketing, eFiling, Court Forms and Court Notifications

American LegalNet’s intelligent solution helps your firm simplify workflow by consolidating applications into a single docketing, calendaring, court forms, eFiling and case monitoring platform in the cloud.

The Most Advanced, Nationwide Integrated Cloud Legal Docketing and Calendaring System.

eDockets integrates with nationwide court feeds and incorporates over 1,700 national rule sets maintained by expert in-house staff to automatically calculate critical court dates and populate your attorneys’ Outlook calendars.

court rules forms

One Platform. Over 80,000 Constantly Updated Court Forms, Editable in
MS Word and PDF

Forms Workflow places the world’s largest collection of official U.S. Court and Agency forms instantly at your team’s fingertips.

Case Monitoring – Perfected!

The fastest, most accurate consolidated case monitoring delivered in real time to your docket calendar.

Docket Alerts dashboard

Calendar Events & Case Monitoring For Mobile

Get the fastest, most accurate docketing, calendaring and alerts directly to your mobile device.

A National EFSP, Integrated Across Multiple Courts With Integrated Workflow Validation That Helps Lower Rejection Rates

Easily create new cases (e.g. new filings), file to existing cases, upload documents and eFile seamlessly to courts nationwide. 

Docketing and Calendaring
Case Monitoring & Alerts

Monitor activity for Federal and State cases. Support business intelligence and business development.

PACER-CMECF Automation
PACER and ECF Receipts

Process PACER ECF receipts and court data feeds from major state and federal jurisdictions automatically.

Court and Agency Forms

Mobile Apps

Dramatically improve your courtroom firepower by generating rules-based deadlines and case alerts from your mobile device 

Court Rules

Court Rules

Access our comprehensive set of rules-based deadlines assembled by the largest  team of licensed attorneys in the industry.

Court Data Feeds

Court Data Feeds

Add court docket entries and calendar court appearances to ensure your firm always meets its deadlines. 

Professional Services

Professional Services

Our team of specialists will tailor a solution that is best for your firm.

Join More Than Half of The Am Law 100
Improve Your Litigation Practice with American LegalNet

Our advanced litigation workflow meets the needs of the most demanding firms. That’s why more than half of The Am Law 100 trusts American LegalNet with their litigation workflow, malpractice risk, and efficiency challenges. Join them and experience the benefits of using process-driven technology designed to optimize operations and reduce malpractice risk.

The Stakes Are Higher Than Ever

38 %

38% of legal malpractice claims are directly attributable to deadline, calendaring, and administrative errors

100 %

The number of legal malpractice claims filed from 2012 to 2016 worth between $1 million and $2 million increased by more than 900%


The number of legal malpractice cases worth $2 million+ jumped 400% between 2012 & 2016