American LegalNet offers a wide variety of professional services to assist clients in maximizing the full potential of our docket system and legal calendar, court forms and electronic forms software and services.

Contact our Professional Services Group and learn how we can integrate your firm’s core applications with American LegalNet’s legal software suite of litigation workflow solutions that minimize risk and reduce cost:

For higher quality implementations we provide:

– Implementation Experts – our implementation team possess’ deep project management expertise and implementation experience to ensure optimal solution definition and smooth implementation.

– Technology Experts – technical consultants provide mentorship, guidance and development on current technologies

– Product Experts – Product management and developers work closely so that solutions are aligned with product capabilities today and tomorrow.

– Advanced Customization – we provide extensive expertise in creating customized role based solutions tailored to your unique business requirements.

Docket & Calendar Management

Application and Database Integration
– Our team can assist you with the integration of American LegalNet Desktop to Courthouse workflow solutions with your existing applications and databases, including:

  • – Aderant
  • – Time Matters
  • – Elite
  • – Case Management
  • – LegalKEY
  • – Document Management
  • – PerfectLaw
  • – Records Management
  • – ProLaw
  • – and much more…

Data Conversion
– We bring in existing docketing data from the current docketing software into eDockets to avoid manual re-input. It includes database analysis, database normalization, programming and testing.

– We bring in data (Clients, Matters and Timekeepers) from the firm’s Time and Billing system. This is first completed with an initial load and then scheduled to run automatically going forward.

Workflow Gathering and Consulting
– Interview the client to understand their existing workflow practices and consult on best practices when incorporating eDockets.

User & Admin Training Development and Instructional Design
– Customized training material based on specific client needs.

Installation \ Upgrade
– A hands on eDockets installation, upgrade and configuration by ALN production support member.

Court , Agency & Legal Forms

Cost Recovery
– Our team can assist with the cost of your forms solution by helping you track your usage based on your internal matter numbers.

Custom Forms
– Let us take all your firm’s internal forms, make them fillable using Word or PDF, imbue them with workflow intelligence.

Private Label Sites
– Create a central location accessible only to your firm’s designated users that is easy-to-access and always available.

Engagement letters
– We can automate the process of generating engagement letters according to your unique preferences and language requirements. No need for macros or complicated questionnaires.

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