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Law firm work is inextricably tied to courts or agencies. An integral part of this relationship is filing documents by mandatory deadlines in strict adherence with a court’s or agency’s rules. This makes it imperative that all facets of the filing – especially forms – are both correct and current.

Forms WorkFlow is the only single source, national repository of official court and agency forms that are updated in real-time and are auto-fillable in using Microsoft Word. Forms WorkFlow streamlines the management and use of forms and provides instant access to a centralized library of more than 80,000 forms including official electronic court, corporate, regulatory, and legal forms. Forms can be downloaded as fillable Word or PDF files through our website or our easy-to-use Microsoft Word-integrated Toolbar ribbon.


FormsWorkflow Toolbar with AutoFill
Jury Instructions for CA, IL, FL
CA Interogatories
MS WORD and Fillable PDF formats


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